Urumqi Build "Silk Road" International Business Logistics Center Two-dimensional Code

The reporter learned from the Business Office of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region that the "Xinjiang Business Logistics Development Plan(2015-2020)" will serve as the basis and guidance for the development of Xinjiang's trade logistics industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.
The plan pointed out that by the end of 2020, the backbone system of trade and logistics in Xinjiang will be basically formed, and an international trade and logistics center based in Xinjiang, facing the whole country, aggregating the surrounding areas, connecting silk roads, and radiating Asia and Europe will be established.
In terms of spatial layout, Xinjiang's commercial and trade logistics nodes are composed of centers, important fulcrum points and basic nodes, including one center, five fulcrum points and multiple nodes.
Urumqi is the center. In the planning, Urumqi's development positioning is the "Silk Road Economic Belt International Business Logistics Center", "International Business Logistics Hub for Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Russia", and "National Circulation Node City".
Relying on the status of the capital and the advantages of gathering economic and trade resources, and taking advantage of the opportunities for the development of national circulation node cities and national logistics node cities, Urumqi's goal is to create an international trade and logistics center that connects the Mainland, connects abroad, radiates all regions, and Asia and Europe. city.
To build a "central" city, Urumqi needs to build a complete commercial and trade logistics system. Urumqi will focus on the development of international logistics, airport logistics, agricultural product logistics, cold chain logistics, urban distribution, emergency logistics, port logistics, bonded logistics and so on.
In the next five years, Urumqi will implement a number of commercial and trade logistics infrastructure projects, including the construction of large-scale logistics parks such as the Uralbo International Logistics Base. Create the core area of the international textile and clothing Trade Center; Improving the trading and logistics capabilities of large agricultural markets; Promote the construction of urban logistics distribution centers.
At the same time, Urumqi will improve the logistics information comprehensive service functions. This includes the development and construction of regional information platforms for public logistics and distribution, the strengthening of information statistics and industry standards, the preparation and publication of Urumqi trade and logistics indices, and the development of industries with big data and the Internet.
To maintain the vitality of the industry requires continuous innovation, Urumqi will promote the innovation of business logistics model. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Urumqi will build an Urumqi aviation logistics system centered on the airport; Encouraging joint development of e-commerce logistics and cross-border e-commerce; Supporting the development of joint distribution projects in cities such as Longhaida; We will promote cold-chain logistics projects for agricultural products such as Haihong, Xinlian and Jiuding, and support the development of logistics service outsourcing for Central Asia, West Asia, and South Asia.
In addition, Urumqi will also carry out the standardization and demonstration of trade logistics, build a model city for cross-border e-commerce, and plan a comprehensive logistics park to play a central role in promoting the upgrading of trade logistics in Xinjiang.
Taking into account factors such as regional transportation, urban functions, consumer demand, industrial distribution, product flow and flow, a number of trade and logistics nodes at different levels will be built to open up the three major routes of the Silk Road for trade and logistics in the North, middle and South. We will cultivate the three major commercial and logistics functional areas in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain, the southern slope of Tianshan Mountain, and the southern Xinjiang region, and establish a business and logistics network system composed of urban and rural distribution networks, collective transportation and multimodal transportation networks, logistics facilities networks, and trading and information platform networks. The integration forms the "point line network" interwoven and rational layout of the Xinjiang business logistics industry space structure.
One center: referring to Urumqi
Five fulcrum: refers to Kashgar, Yining, Kurle, Bozhou and Hami
Multiple nodes: regional business logistics centers such as Altay City and important business logistics cities(10); Dushan District and other important transportation hub nodes and traditional trade logistics towns(23); Alashankou and other land ports(17)
Line: Silk Road Business and Trade Logistics
Relying on the construction of the three major routes of the Silk Road in the North, middle and South, and combining the functional positioning, special resources and dominant industries of important cities in the Xinjiang section of the Silk Road economic belt, the three major trade and logistics routes in Xinjiang will be established.
North Channel: Focus on the development of cattle and sheep and other characteristics of agricultural and livestock product logistics, coal logistics, bulk mineral logistics, port logistics, etc..
Middle Channel: Focus on the development of petrochemical industry logistics, emergency logistics, warehousing logistics, e-commerce logistics, etc..
South Channel: Developing the Logistics of Characteristic Agricultural Products around the Strategy of "Eastern Delivery of Xinjiang Fruit"
Face: Three major trade logistics functional areas
Tianshan Beipo Business and Logistics Area: Urumqi-Changji Economic Zone, Urumqi-Turpan Economic Zone, Turpan-Hami Economic Zone, Shihezi-Manas-Shawan Economic Zone, Kuitun-Kramayi-Usu Economic Zone, Bole-Alashanshankou-Jinghe Economic Zone and Yining-Huocheng-Chabucha Economic Zone :: Tianshan Nanpo Commercial Logistics Area: East from Kulle West to Aksu; Southern Xinjiang Trade and Logistics Area: Kashgar, Hetian, Kizilsu Kirz Autonomous Prefecture, etc..
Network: Network System
We will build up the four major networks of trade logistics in Xinjiang by means of urban and rural distribution, multimodal transport, e-commerce and other modern modes of trade and logistics, guided by links and service providers 'logistics nodes, channels and regions, and relying on the backbone facilities of trade and logistics
Since ancient times, Xinjiang has been a major trade and trade center and a major logistics channel in Asia and Europe. The unique natural and cultural conditions, the rapidly improving level of economic and social development, and the gradual improvement of the network of commercial and trade logistics facilities have laid a solid foundation for the development of the trade and logistics industry in Xinjiang. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Xinjiang Business and Trade Logistics will draw up a new blueprint. Let us first look at these key words in the Xinjiang Business Logistics Development Plan(2015-2020).
Key words international logistics channel
Interpretation of the bright spots: the construction of international logistics routes for Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Europe and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. We will focus on taking advantage of the state's efforts to strengthen railway construction in the West and support the construction of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway freight line, the Urumqi railway freight station and the container center station. We will promote the construction of China-Tajikistan, China-Russia, China-Mongolia and other international railway projects, and promote the regularized operation of the Xinjiang-Central Asia, Xinjiang-Russia international freight trains and the Xinjiang-Georgia international trains. We will open international freight trains in Xinjiang, Turkey, Xinjiang, Iran, Xinjiang and Belarus in due course, and encourage Urumqi, Kashgar, Yining, Kurle, Hami and Aksu cities to increase domestic flight density.
Key words international multimodal transport
Interpretation of bright spots: relying on Urumqi, kashgar, yining and other cities integrated transportation systems, construction of container terminals, freight transfer stations, standard storage facilities in key railway freight yards, ports and airports, and promotion of transit transport hubs. We will support Urumqi in integrating existing railway lines, innovating the customs multi-modal transport supervision model, and building a China-EU international freight train assembly and marshalling center to facilitate the free replacement of various types of railway, highway and air transport vehicles. The sea, land, air, iron and postal goods are allowed to be freely unpacked and collated at the Urumqi Multimodal Transport Customs Supervision Center, and the import and export freight distribution centers to the West and the combined transport logistics bases for public, iron and air are built.
Keywords Xinjiang Land Port
The construction of international land ports should be carried out, the construction of international land ports should be accelerated in the Urumqi Economic Development Zone, and the construction of railway hubs, road cargo centers, ports and bonded areas should be promoted. We will build a land port project in Xinjiang that is supported by advanced information technology platforms and is fully integrated online and offline.
Key words International Logistics Park
Highlight Interpretation: Key projects include the Silk Road Economic Belt International Logistics Hub, Urumqi Uralpa International Logistics Park, Kashgar Far International Logistics Industrial Park, Kashgar Aviation International Logistics Park, Yining International Logistics Park, Khorgos Economic Development Zone International Logistics Park, Kurle Economic and Technological Development Zone Bonded Logistics Park, Changji Railway Station International Logistics Park, Turpan Jiaohe International Logistics Park, Bozhou Jinghe County International Public Rail Intermodal Integrated Logistics Park, Hami International Integrated Logistics Park, Tashi International Business Logistics Park in Tacheng District, and overseas commercial logistics base.

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